Keynote Speakers 2011

Keynote Speakers

    • William A. Lester, Jr.

      University of California, Berkeley; Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

      Title: Quantum Monte Carlo for Molecular Systems

    • C. David Sherrill

      Georgia Institute of Technology

      Title: Recent Developments in the Efficient Calculation of Noncovalent Interactions

    • Joe Subotnik

      University of Pennsylvania

      Title: The Meaning of the Schrodinger Equation, the Limitations of the Adiabatic Hypothesis, and the Origins of Electron and Energy Transfer


    • J. Vince Ortiz

      Auburn University

      Title: Prediction and Interpretation with Ab Initio Electron Propagator Theory

    • David Yaron

      Carnegie Mellon University

      Title: Computation Design of Dyes for Bioimaging: Semiempirical Approaches

  • Jeffry Madura

    Duquesne University

    Title: Structure, Function, and Dynamics of Monoamine Transporters